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"I have been taking underwater photos with a compact camera for a few years, but never managed to get any photos that I could say I was proud of. That changed when I read this book! Everything is explained step by step and in enough detail to make it clear and easy to follow. By making small adjustments to my camera and to my composition I can now come out the water and know that I have taken pictures that I am excited to show other people, and that do justice to the wonderful things that I have been lucky enough to see. Special moments only come around once, and now I can be sure that I will get the shot that I want. I can't recommend this book higher!"  SAS 




"I actually bought this book way back in early 2011, not long after booking my 'trip of a lifetime' to the Maldives. I had learnt to dive in 2010 and it wasn't long after that I started taking 'snaps' of the under water world.

Initially I was happy with my little snippets of digital history but having got more and more involved with marine ecology and joining various diving and reef keeping forums I quickly became aware of how lacking my photos were in comparison to some of the art out there. A fellow diver mentioned Maria to me and I came across her recently released book, being a novice diver and photographer I had neither the time nor inclination to spend thousands of pounds on a huge SLR set up and loved the size and simplicity of my compact. This book was the ONLY book dedicated to the use of compacts underwater so I took the plunge and purchased it, I literally read it cover to cover in a weekend and started practising with land based subjects straight away.

I took my (now departed) Fuji on my two week trip to the Maldives and managed to come home with a number of pictures that weren't all blue, out of focus and boring, rather the opposite. Of course it didn't turn me into a professional over night but it gave me the confidence and knowledge to turn the mode dial from 'underwater' to 'manual' - something I had never done before, and I now have two little canvas prints hanging in my hallway as a testament to the improvement in my knowledge and skills. The book really explains in basic terms what the different settings do and how they change the appearance of underwater pictures with plenty of pictorial examples. Before reading this book I had no idea about apertures and ISO, it was all a foreign language. As a result of digesting this book I have also changed my land based photography approach and have now ditched the Fuji and have a shiny new Canon set up ready for two diving trips this year.

The book also covers lenses, strobes and the different types of underwater photography so will certainly see me through my next two or three upgrades. Maria's website has lots of stunning examples of her and her course guests work, you certainly have to admire the fact that a total of 15 course guests of Maria's have won photographic competitions over the past few years, surely that is some indication of her knowledge and passion in this field. I don't see how anyone could be disappointed with this book."  Wiggle



"Whether you are a novice or an experienced underwater photographer this is the best and only book you'll need. It helps dispel the myth that you need an expensive SLR camera and loads of gear to achieve brilliant photographs while scuba diving. If your new to diving it has a great section on what compact camera to buy while if your more experienced it will improve the quality of your photos no end.
The book itself is the perfect size - not much bigger than your dive log book so can easily come onto the dive boat for easy reference and is full of brilliant before and after photos clearly showing how her methods work. There is even a really good section showing photos that have been taken by her students - shows that you don't have to be an experienced diver or photographer to get that perfect diving memory captured on camera. I was so impressed that I ordered further books for a few diving mates. Maria was kind enough to sign and dedicate the books so they became the perfect Christmas gift - really nice touch. Can't recommend this book enough as it's the best book on underwater photography I own and I have loads!"   CMACP



"I did a course with Maria last year and this book is an excellent accompaniment to it. The book reads just as she teaches the course, lots of enthusiasm for photography and a wealth of knowledge. The tips and techniques are just as valid for dry land photography and even though it's aimed at the compact camera market, it is just as good for SLR's. The only criticism is that it doesn't come with a plate of Maria's delicious home made biscuits!"  Si


"Maria's book is quite frankly the best underwater photography manual for the compact camera user ever - if you have wanted to improve your underwater photography and are baffled this is the book for you - concise, well written with loads of examples and useful tips and all for the compact camera user - point and shoot photography underwater was never better explained."  Engolar