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Underwater Photography with your Phone

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Did I really think it was possible to achieve eye-dropping images with just my iphone? Yes, I knew that you could take great images to be happy with at the end of a trip, but images that I would really want to look at again and again and still fall in love with?

Welcome to a beautiful housing made by Sealife Underwater Cameras, a housing that is so incredibly simple to use and fits all kinds of Android and iPhones not just today's range but also for future models too. Controls can be changed by simple use of software.

Use of the Exposure Compensation Tool helped to create these light patterns on this baby manatee during a recent trip to Florida.

It also worked super well to help bring out reflections at the surface of the water

A little bit of adjustment to the contrast of the caves using Snapseed worked really well to bring out the shadows of the Devils Den grotto in Florida.

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